Employers are facing a "caregiver" crisis and it's costing them billions1.

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The rapid growth of an aging population combined with an increasing shortage of caregivers, means that working family members are having to care for aging loved ones. As a result, both employees and employers are suffering.


of employees report having missed work due to caregiving responsibilities2


is the cost to the company's bottom line/year in productivity, absenteeism & turnover3

(On average, for every 1,000 employees in an organization)


of caregivers leave their job to have more time to care for a loved one1


of caregivers report that their work supervisor is aware of their caregiving responsibilities1

Why CareScout®?

By offering your employees Caregiver Support Services, you can help:

  • Attaract and retain the best talent
  • Minimize absenteeism
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce turnover

And, the more your employees use CareScout®, the better off your company will be!

CareScout® can help give your employees peace of mind and a plan of action. And, it offers you a unique benefit that can help you create a more attractive work/life balance in today's ultra-competitive workplace.


CareScout® can help!

Drawing from over 20 years of experience and a network of more than 100,000 healthcare professionals and facilities, CareScout® makes it easier for your employees to help their aging loved ones.

With Caregiver Support Services form CareScout®, employees and their family members can get unlimited access to expert care advice, unbiased guidance and numerous resources. Our network of more than 35,000 registered nurses and licensed social workers work one-on-one with families to:

  • Assess and evaluate their specific situation
  • Provide education and advice
  • Prepare a personalized care plan and resource options

Caregiver Support Services

Here's how it works...

  • We connect your employee with a clinical Care Advocate (registered nurse and/or licensed social worker) to objectively assess and evaluate the situation either online, over the phone or in-person by a licensed nurse from our nationwide network. We also work with your employee and their family members to determine their loved one's care needs.
  • We provide education and advice so that your employee can select and manage ongoing care relationships.
  • We build a personalized care plan that considers their existing support system, focuses on cost-effective solutions and leverages CareScout's network of field nurses. We also identify and source appropriate care options at negotiated rates.

We save your employees time and stress... it's that easy!

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