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We Know and Understand Your Organization's Needs...

  • Rapid growth of the aging population in the U.S.
  • Incomplete understanding of care needs
  • Right size care planning
  • Resources to recruit, train, and support RNs
  • Challenges in language and connection
  • Sensitivity to client, family, and culture
  • Quality and thoroughness of data
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CareScout performs objective, accurate, and timely clinical assessments to help its clients make better, more informed decisions. We conduct functional, cognitive, and environmental assessments to comply with your plan's state and federal requirements. We are able to perform these assessments onsite, virtual, and telephonically. Here are some of our strengths that set us apart...

  • Functional, Cognitive, and Environmental Assessments
  • 35K+ Nationwide Nurse Network Covering All States
  • 30+ In-House Clinical Professionals
  • HIPAA-Compliant Data Gathering, Storing, and Handling
  • 3-Tiered Clinical Quality Review Program
  • VRI and OPI Interpreting Capability

CareScout has been conducting clinical assessments for over 20 years. We have variety of resources backing up our operations to deliver value and innovation. And we are continuously upgrading our workflow processes, and digital applications to maintain our delivery of superior quality service. We have experience with a variety of assessment tools...

Cognitive Only Assessment Tools

  • Mini Mental State Examination (MMSE)
  • Short Portable Mental Status (SPM)
  • Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA)
  • St Louis University Mental Status (SLUMS)

Care Setting Assessment Tools

  • In-Home
  • Skilled Nursing Facility
  • Adult Day Health Program
  • Assisted Living Facillity

Comprehensive Assessment Tools

  • Client - Specific Assessment Tools
  • Proprietary CareScout Assessment Tool with Demonstration Component as well as Environment/Safety Observations
  • Government Agency Data Gathering Tools - MDS, OASIS


  • Caregiver Assessment Tool
  • Telephonic Caregiver Verification Tool/Process
  • Alive and Well Assessment Tool
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We rely on our in-house applications, software, data analytics, and many other tools to achieve scalability and deliver innovation. At the same time, we are critically focused on data security including secure storage, handling, and transmission of data. CareScout is compliant with HIPAA and other data privacy and security regulations.

CareScout relies on its nationwide network of health care professionals to successfully deliver and assess the needs of its customers. We have performed more than 1M onsite, virtual, and telephonic assessments spanning all 50 states.

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For over 20 years, we have provided services utilizing our 35,000 FieldScout clinicians and a nationwide provider network. We can help to tackle some of the challenges you are facing and help you provide a better care. We pride ourselves in helping our customers find a solution...

  • Reduce Total Cost of Care
  • Perform "Eyes-On" Tasks
  • Meet Turnaround Times
  • Provide Insights to Improve
  • Produce High Quality Data
  • Ensure Customer Satisfaction
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Helping Provide Better Health Care for Everyone

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