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We believe that the design of the systems that facilitate aging in the US has created a status quo in which the user bears the burden of a fragmented, intimidating, and unfair experience. At the center of this overwhelming part of life are the Aging and their caregivers' dizzying journey to find the right combination of funding and service solutions to ensure quality long-term care.

Leveraging the scale and expertise of Genworth, we have created a startup with boundless energy, creativity, and agility dedicated to redesigning this system. Our goal: a single unified experience where the needs of the Aging, their families and caretakers are made frictionless, enabling a more dignified, connected, and fulfilling aging journey.

We are children, siblings, neighbors and friends of those navigating this fragmented experience. We are ferociously curious, relentless in our pursuit of a better system, and deeply committed to a sense of belonging for all, in all phases of life. We are working every day to be the first and only stop for those trying to understand and select the right care options to meet each person's unique set of needs.

The long-term care industry—and the families and communities that depend on it—can expect us to be an advocate for quality care and a trusted guide to creating the aging journey that we all deserve. We will deliver on this promise through new technologies, solutions, and partnerships that will improve the way we age.

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