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CareScout is a company with heart and soul. We are committed to creating a world where everyone has equal access to senior care. To accomplish that vision, we need registered nurses and social workers who will partner with us to deliver some of the following services...

  • Understand and evaluate an individual's physical and cognitive status
  • Assess an individual's level of ADL and IADL dependency
  • Develop a comprehensive plan of care in cooperation with a family and a CareScout Care Advocate
  • Evaluate home safety and make recommendations that can positively impact the family's life and ability to age in place
  • Identify local providers and/or community resources that meet a family's needs
  • Perform a facility evaluation by completing a questionnaire with the facility administrator and collect required documents
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United States map depicting thousands of CareScout worker markers covering it all over, especially on the east coast of the United States

CareScout's network of 35K+ registered nurses and social workers covers every zip code in the United States. Here are some of the assessments/consultations our field nurses offer...

  • Cognitive, Functional, and Environmental Assessments
  • Medical
  • Day to Day
  • Caregiver
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Independent Living and Home Environment
  • Adaptive Equipment and Support System

When collecting provider data, CareScout uses customized credentialing forms and processes. The type of information collected varies according to provider type. Here are some of the sample data points that CareScout collects...

  • License type, license number and status
  • Types of services offered and the standards upheld by the provider
  • Varying levels of care provided
  • Certifications and/or accreditations held by provider
  • Level of clinical oversight provided by facility or agency
  • Ability to service special populations such as cognitively impaired residents including staff training and special measures in place to ensure their safety
  • Types of background checks conducted on staff
  • Facility ownership, Tax ID number, types of bed
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