Home Care Services: Working with a licensed agency vs. a registry - Things To Know

Sean Hordes


When it comes time to select an agency to provide care in your home, you might be able to choose between a licensed home care agency and a home care registry.


Licensed home care agencies are often subject to stricter regulations than home care registries. State by state regulations vary but some of the common things a state may require are:


  • Nursing oversight for care provided
  • That employees of the agency cannot be independent contractors
  • The agency must be insured and bonded, etc.


Home Care Registries


  • Home care registries can be less regulated in comparison to their licensed counterparts. This sometimes allows them to operate with less costs and often offer a more competitive price
  • If you do choose to hire an aide from a Home Care registry note that depending upon agency structure, you may have to provide your aide with a Form 1099*
  • Some of the regulations in home care are designed to protect the consumer so you should be careful only considering cost


Please note: Home care regulations vary on a state-by-state basis and the information above may differ from the state you live in.


You should always feel free to ask the provider you are speaking with which type of agency or Care Provider they are as it can be hard to determine otherwise.


*This can be a complex process and you should consult with a tax advisor or CPA before paying wages to an independent contractor.


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