8 Questions To Ask During Your Next Medical Provider Visit

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Written by CareScout
Updated November 16, 2023

Medical provider visits can feel overwhelming. Sometimes you might be confused by how medical providers react to your condition or the next steps you need to take. Because of that, you may be tempted to skip medical provider visits or shy away from asking questions. But it is important to keep regular wellness visits with your medical provider–and ensure that you understand the next steps before you leave. These visits are used to discuss your general health and well-being, manage your conditions, review your medications, and make referrals to specialists.

To get more out of your next medical provider visits–and make sure you get the information you need to manage your long-term health best–here are some questions to consider asking during your visit:

1) What should I expect in the long term for my conditions?

2) Can we review my medications and discuss if I need to continue all of them at their current dose? What side effects might I expect?

3) Can you recommend ways I can remain safely active?

4) Do you have any nutrition tips to maintain a healthy diet?

5) Can my current care and living situation meet my needs?

6) What are the next steps in my lifestyle and care as I age? What are signs to look for that I need to take those next steps?

7) At what point should I evaluate my ability to drive safely?

8) What steps should we take if I (or my family) am concerned about my memory?

If you find it challenging to discuss these topics with your medical provider, bringing a trusted loved one or friend to advocate for you may be helpful. Also, carry a notebook and pen to write down your questions, or to keep track of what your medical provider suggests. Even if you fully understand your medical provider’s suggestions in the office, you might forget them when you get home. Some medical providers' offices have online portals where they add notes and instructions. If you are comfortable accessing this option, ask that your physician upload visit notes for you to review later. Or ask if they can be printed for you to bring home.

The information and services on this site do not constitute medical nor health care advice for any individual problem nor a substitute for medical or other professional advice and services from a qualified health care provider familiar with your unique facts.

Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition and prior to starting any new treatment.

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